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You will be provided with comprehensive training at Woodcraft headquarters, and then additional training at your site immediately prior to and during commencement of operations. Over a period of 2 to 3 weeks, you will receive the attention and support necessary to help you learn your new business. Additional on-site training at your store location is geared toward helping you manage your new business. Not only do we provide you with the necessary training, we train your employees directly at your store!

Site Selection
Proper site selection is extremely important for Woodcraft stores. Woodcraft personnel will assist you with site selection advice and lease/purchase negotiations. Whether your new location is a strip-center remodel or a new construction project, Woodcraft personnel will help you all the way. Our process begins with a comprehensive analysis of your market. We then contact a national commercial real estate firm to assist us in the actual site search process and concluding with our personnel reviewing sites with you. We even design and layout the interior store space for you.

Decor and Design
The distinctive layout of a Woodcraft facility is designed to take customers through the store in a logical progression of needs and products most frequently sought.

The Woodcraft franchise organization has retail specialists who have extensive knowledge in retail store design. In addition, Woodcraft management has vast experience in the retailing of woodworking equipment and supplies. This information is provided to you directly, through the Operations Manual, verbal and written communications, and on-site visits from Woodcraft Franchise, LLC personnel throughout your franchise term. You're never alone!

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