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Once you are a Woodcraft Franchisee, you will receive
franchise support from experienced field representatives
Woodcraft Franchise, LLC has the experience and the size to provide you with many support services. But the principal feature of the Woodcraft system is our dedication to being the best at what we do. This attitude applies to our franchise support system in the same way that it works for our purchasing, promotion, product development, and merchandising systems. You will be in business for yourself but not by yourself!

The Woodcraft Retailing System: Experience and Expertise
The Woodcraft retailing system has been modeled after the retail operations of our affiliate, Woodcraft Supply, LLC. Each of the Woodcraft Supply, LLC stores, which first began retail operations in 1988, have a well-designed merchandising approach, with a state-of-the-art computerized point-of-sale system and inventory control procedure, all of which provide the framework for managing the facility. Woodcraft Supply, LLC recruits experienced woodworkers to staff the operations and encourages franchisees to do the same.

Name and Logo
The Woodcraft name and logo are important assets in developing your business. Brand identity is one of the most important assets a company acquires through franchising. The Woodcraft name is respected by professional and amateur woodworkers alike. Woodcraft is constantly advertising in the major publications, increasing our brand and name recognition. Additionally, we are national sponsors of several popular woodworking programs for television broadcast.

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