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The Woodcraft Catalog: The Woodworker's In-home Resource

Woodcraft Supply, LLC has a significant mailorder / catalog operation. The Woodcraft catalog, which is annually sent to more than 2 million people in all 50 states and 70 foreign countries, features more than 4,000 quality hand and power tools, all of which are in the retail stores.

Woodworkers of all interests, including woodcarving, woodturning, cabinet making, finishing, timber framing, picture framing, and more, find that the Woodcraft catalog offers one of the most comprehensive selections of woodworking tools and accessories available. Woodcraft retail store franchises are fully integrated into the benefits of the catalog, which creates Name and Brand awareness, promotional opportunities, and insight into pinpointing retail store locations.

As a new Franchisee, you will be given access to the extensive catalog customer database for your area. Not only will these customers become retail customers once your store is open, they will also be your source for employees and educational instructors. The Woodcraft catalog is your customers’ in-home reference guide and a very important and valuable resource for your business.

In 1996, was launched in order to take Woodcraft quality anywhere and everywhere. The Internet aspect of the business has been a great source of new customers, and an excellent opportunity for franchise owners to send economical ads, classes, and activities to current customers in their market.

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