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When you think about owning your own business, what do you think of?

If you have a passion for working with wood, and want to have your own business, the Woodcraft franchise program may be exactly right for you.

Carve a niche for yourself in woodworking with a Woodcraft retail store. It is difficult to overstate the importance of a brand name with a reputation for quality. The Woodcraft name is a tremendous asset. If you are a woodworker, you already know what we mean.

Fast food, convenience stores, and general merchandise franchises can be very popular businesses, but customers can easily go elsewhere. In the woodworking business, a certain percentage of buyers want the variety, the educational opportunities, and the product quality that they can only find at a Woodcraft retail store. Woodcraft retail stores are already operating in many locations around the country, especially since the advent of our franchising program. Now, after more than 80 years, the Woodcraft name is even more recognizable than at any other time in our history. Are you seriously looking for a franchise opportunity? Are you passionate about woodworking? Would you like to consider opening a store in your area?

Franchising Since:


Franchised Units:


Company Owned Units:


Initial Franchise Fee:


Royalty/Service Fee:

5% of gross revenues

Est. Total Initial Investment:

$478,000 to $635,400 (includes franchise fee)

Minimum Market Population Required:

350,000 (20 mile radius)

Minimum Required Worth:


Minimum Liquid Assets: